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About the breeder

About the breeder

Natalia Romanova is the owner of Rua Soleil and the breeder.

Being a breeder is a great responsibility and therefore I am constantly learning and improving my knowledge of cynology. At first, like many others I have been just a dog owner  having fun with dog training and participation in some shows. But quite soon I became deeply interested in the Leonberger breed, established contacts with the most prominent breeders and registered Rua Soleil kennel in 2003 after graduating as a cynologist-breeder from the Cynological School at the Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology - MBA named after K. I. Skryabin - 2 years of studies 3 times a week in the evenings after main work.

In 2013 I qualified as FCI-RKF judge with the right to judge CAC-CACIB shows in Russia and abroad. First of all, I am interested in judging the Leonberger breed, and I had the honor to judge the largest shows: twice in Leonberg (Germany), three times in France, including twice at the largest Leonberger show in the world, which is held annually in Cluny; in Finland, Italy, Hungary, USA, Austria, the Netherlands, Russia. Practically at every club show there were about 40-60 entries in my rings.

I have been involved with the Leonberger breed for over 20 years and over 5 years in Russian Borzoi. More than 30 litters were bred in Rua Soleil. Over the years I have been the happy owner and breeder of 39 Interchampions, 8 World Winners and 4 Junior World Winners, over 40 Russian National Club Champions. Rua Soleil has been in the list of Top 10 Breeders of the RKF in 2011, and at the World Winner show in 2016 in Moscow won the competition "Best Progeny" among all breeds.

I took part in breed judges seminars held in Leonberg, Germany three times, and in 2018 was honored to receive an invitation to speak at the judges' seminar with a presentation, attended Leonberger specialty shows in almost all European countries and in the USA, collaborated with the leading experts - breeders in Russia and abroad. I am fluent in English, at an intermediate level in Italian, have basic knowledge of French and Finnish.