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About breed

About breed

Borzoi (Rissian signthound) is a dog of aristocratic appearance and large stature, dry and strong, harmoniously built, very high–legged and rather narrow-bodied. Height at the withers: preferred height at the withers: for males 75-85 cm, for females 68-78 cm. Temperament is calm, friendly to people, visual reaction is well expressed. Coat - elongated, elastic, silky to the touch, light, wavy or in a large curl. The Russian sightound is used for hunting a hare, a fox, less often a wolf. Combines high agility with endurance and high ability to catch. It is also successfully used in coursing and racing.

"The sighthound is one of the most perfect, refined and intelligent breeds! This is a very pleasant dog to keep. The Russian borzoi is a style of life. Those who have ever seen her running in the field, have been hunting with a sighthound, cannot give up this occupation. Borzoi makes you quit everything at least once a year and go out into nature." (M.G. Ostrovskaya, president of the Russiam national breed club, ow..kennel "Solovyov")

"This is the spirit of history, it is a fusion of Asian indomitability and European mannerism. Borzoi is a dog of epoque modern, that wonderful time of the late 19th -early 20th century, in which exquisite examples of architecture, painting, interiors, decorative art, jewelry,  required by an elegant lifestyle of high society, were created. The silhouette of a Russian sighthound as a work of art Nouveau is an exquisite, whimsically curved endless line, concealing mystery and power." (E. Balakireva, owl. of the kennel "Lunnaja Raduga").

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