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are the breeders of Leonbergers and Borzois
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Our life with dogs
Dog shows
We regularly participate in exhibitions to find out the opinion of the judges about our dogs and the results of breeding work, to look at representatives of the breed in different countries and draw conclusions for the future. At the same time quite often we get titles. Read more.
About the breeder
I am constantly learning and improving my knowledge of cynology. At first, like most, she became an ordinary owner of a dog, with which she took a training course and gained experience in participating in exhibitions. Over time, she became interested in the Leonberger breed and registered the cattery Rua Soleil in 2003. Read more.
Greyhounds opened up a new world of interaction between man and dog in the process of work, primarily in field trials. Since there are a number of restrictions on dog hunting by season and by the place where dogs live, coursing becomes an excellent leisure activity and brings joy to both dogs and us. Read more
History of our kennel

The first leonberger came to us in 2001, and in 2003 the kennel of leonbergers Rua Soleil was registered. In 2017, I realized my long-term dream - I got my first Russian borzoi. Since then, dogs of these two very different, but dearly beloved breeds have lived in our house - a combination of swift grace and good strength.

First of all, all our dogs are family members, children, friends, without whom we cannot imagine our life. But since the results of the breeding work of the nursery are also judged by exhibition success, we will give some figures and facts.

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