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About breed

About breed

The country of origin is Germany.

Leonberger is a large, strong, muscular, harmoniously built dog, full of dignity and generosity, calm in almost any situation. Leons have a fairly long coat, color from lion-yellow to red-brown, necessarily with a black mask reaching to the eyebrows or slightly higher. The height at the withers of an adult male is from 72 to 80 cm, the recommended breed standard is 76 cm. Males often have a more intense color and blackened tips of hair on the body, an abundant and elegant mane. Bitches are more feminine and elegant, the height at the withers is from 65 to 75 cm, 70 cm is recommended.

Leonbergers are peaceful, balanced dogs. They are confident, calm, not aggressive, sociable, moderately playful and easy to learn, treat children and other pets well. These dogs keep everything that happens around them under their vigilant control. For no reason, leonberger does not bark and does not cause inconvenience to the owners and neighbors, but if uninvited guests try to invade, he will notify the owner with his barking, and his impressive appearance will discourage many from being interested in someone else's property. But still, there are traditionally guard breeds that you should give preference to if you choose a guard dog.

This breed has historically had various functions, but in the modern world, the Leonberger is primarily a wonderful companion, a dog that is comfortable everywhere.

One of the most interesting characteristics of Leonberger is the lack of his clear specialization. He has a powerful body, strength and muscles typical of a working dog. But it is his balanced temperament that makes him so versatile. Leonberger adapts quickly to various services. It seems that he instinctively understands what is wanted from him.

Behavior in different situations can vary dramatically, leonberger adapts flexibly to the requirements and characteristics of the owner's character. Some people need a dog to share their passion for long walks, others are looking for a playmate or an attentive listener in her, and someone needs an impressive dog on the site so that no one would think to check if he is kind.

Leonbergers are dogs that are very human–oriented, so they feel best in an environment where they can be part of a family. In no case is Leonberger suitable for keeping on a chain or in a closed enclosure. The fact that Leonbergers are creatures strongly attached to the house does not mean that they cannot be kept on the street. They love to be and lie in the fresh air. If you decide to get yourself such a dog, then it's safe to say that this is an ideal option for home and family.

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