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Home name:
Date of birth:22.04.2013
Titles: INT CH, Champion of Russia, RKF, Latvia, Belorussia
Tests:HD-B, ED-0, LPN 1 - N/N
Father:Skjaergaardens Valentine Rua Soleil
Mother:Rua Soleil Amore Mia
Place of residence:

Raji and Fora (Rua Soleil Star Shining for Assisi), brother and sister we kept from the litter of Lars and Mia (Rua Soleil Amore Mia). After the tragic and unsolved disappearance of the World Winner, European Winner RS Alegria, who left no descendants, the owners of her sister Mia, Rushan and Elmira Valiulina, made us a favour and gave Mia for almost a year to give birth to the litter and stay with the puppies till they left to new homes, so we had much desired continuation of these lines. Raji was a very large and powerful male, in many respects for me a phenotypical example of a Leonberger male, at the same time gentle and striving to always be near. As a still blind puppy, he fell asleep, climbing into my arms. How could I resist not to keep him?! He chose his own home. Thank you for your loving and understanding look, for the feeling of boundless trust and the desire to be closer when you walked by my side, carefully carrying my hand in your huge mouth - this is how we walked “by the hand”. I remember you with boundless tenderness.


Skjaergaardens Valentine Rua Soleil INT CH, WW-2013, VET WW-2016, CH RUS, RKF, Grand, BEL, HUN, LAT, LIT, EST, Baltic CH, FIN, SWE, DEN, Nordic CH, Club CH HD-B, ED-1
Skjaergaardens Harley Low RiderCH INT, NOR, SWE, DEN, FIN, Nordic Winner-02
Skjaergaardens Warm Indien RedCH INT, NOR, SWE, DEN, Eur JUNW-02, Nordic Winner-03, DCHVDH CH, DCHKLB CH, Bundersieger 05
Bukkene Bruse Nyter SnickersCH NOR, SWE
Skjaergaardens Last Tribute by SansiCH NOR, SWE, DEN, Nordic Winner-02
Remrøds Mr. Winterbottom
Skjaergaardens New HopeCH NOR
Rua Soleil Amore Mia CH RUS, BEL, RKF HD- A, ED -0
Skjaergaardens Painted by RubensINT CH, WW-2010, FIN, SWE, NOR, DEN, LIT, LAT EST, BEL, RUS, BALTIC, NORDIC CH
Berljon GodivaSweetINT CH, CH RUS, RKF, BEL, BG, FIN, Club CH HD-A
Skjaergaardens Harley Low RiderCH INT, NORD, NORDW-02
Skjaergaardens Ghost GirlCH NOR, SWE, DEN
Bobby Ensson BohemiaCh INT, ITA
Berljon OrkideOdessaCh.INT, ITA, WW-00